About us


Our team was first founded as The Robonators in 2008, and we first competed in 2009. Starting with 17 members, the first game we participated in was FIRST Lunacy. Over the years, word of the team spread and we now have 30 members and 37 mentors.  We also changed our name to what everyone knows us as now: Team 0xBe4. (0xBe4 is hexadecimal code for our team number, 3044.) This name is how we got our mascot, the Ox, and where our cheer,  “The Ox is in the House” came from. 

Along with our FRC team, we mentor 6 FLL teams in the district, as well as 2 FTC teams. We host events where we help inspire and excite younger students to join in STEM and FIRST activities:  Code-a-Thon, a programming class for elementary studetns and Lego Academy, a summer camp to prepare kids for FLL.